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Night Care Routine For A Healthy Skin

Night Care Routine

Night Care Routine for Clean and Healthy Skin

Who doesn’t dream of a clean, healthy skin? A beautiful skin that is shining through the day, away from oil, excessive dryness and dirt caused by environmental factors. The most important thing that must be done in order to get the healthy and dreamed skin is night care. Yeah! The night care routine, which we often jump from tiredness and do not care as much as necessary, cleanses our skin from the dirt that we are exposed to during the day and prepares us to get the skin we dreamed of. So what should we do for night care routine? Here’s the answer for you:

1- Purify your skin from chemicals!

In the first step of your night routine, make sure to remove your skin from makeup. This first step will prevent the clogging of your pores, oil, blackheads and acne. More importantly, although it contains healthy chemicals, cosmetic products contain heavy chemicals. Chemicals can cause serious health problems by causing permanent damage to your skin. Therefore, first clean your makeup with a cleaning water that you trust or any cleaning product you use. Remember that the absolute way of healthy skin is going through cleaning.

2- Your skin needs love!

You didn’t hear wrong. Your skin needs a real love from you. And how will you show that love to it? It is the sine qua non of the night care routines to accelerate the blood circulation and prepare the skin for renewal. You can do it with the help of your fingers. Massage on your face regularly with small movements. So your skin will be ready for the other steps of your night care routine. It will enable you to show the effect of the products you use more quickly and successfully. Also renewed skin cells will help you get a more youthful appearance.

3- Cleansing, Tonic, Moisturizing!

Never forget this trio if you want to achieve the look of your dreams. The night care routine can never be completed without these steps. The first step is the cleanser and you should never forget it. At this stage you should use the most suitable product for your skin. You can use whatever you have like foam, milk cleanser, gel etc. Remember that your pores need to be tightened after performing the necessary cleaning. At this stage, apply a tonic to your skin with a make-up remover cotton. As a tonic, you can also benefit from natural products. Rose water, soda, vinegar are among the natural tonics. If you do not have a different product, you can use these products in order not to skip the tonic process. The last step is the moisturizer. All skin types -dry or oily- need moisturizing. The point you should pay attention to here is to use the moisturizer that fits your skin type. If you have oily skin, you should use products that will balance oil. If you have dry skin, you should choose a product that will protect your skin from exfoliation and environmental factors. To summarize, cleansing, tonic, moisturizing is one of the key points of your night care routine.

4- Peeling and Mask

Even though it is not always with us every night, we have to put this duo in our night care routine at least one day a week. Peeling is one of the most important care rituals to help you get rid of dead skin and black spots. You need to find the right product for your skin and apply it with slow movements. Otherwise, peeling particles will cause irritation. If you have pimples, stay away from coarse peels and do not try this in your spotty areas. Otherwise, this situation will cause the spread of your pimples.

In the mask application, whatever your skin needs, you must first find it. For example, if you are complaining about dehydration or excessive oil, you can use moisturizing or balancing masks in your night care routine process. The most important point in this duo is the use of tonic after peeling or mask. If all of these routines are regularly added to the night care routine, you can achieve a clean and healthy skin look. Of course, do not forget to drink 1 glass of warm water every night before going to bed.

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